Saturday, 26 September 2009

Heal the World

Cannot pass this one !

On a vacation on my favourite city last month, was visiting a lovely family as I always do. I get free food, accommodation and play time with two of the most lovely little ones I have ever known which obviously makes the city so close to the heart. So with the weekend passing on eat, play and be merry ideology it was no wonder the time to bid adieu came so soon. As I always do and love to do, I offered to drop the youngest one in his school that morning as tradition.

Setting off in the direction of the school(with two children in tow) we cut through a small clearing calling out to birds around, a Tarzan's act of sorts. We raced each other, jumped over dead branches and danced all the way...!

I stopped bringing the rest to an abrupt jolt. 'Dandelions..' I cried and we ran into the green to pick two(which I concede were all that was!)
"Save the rainforests, save the Earth, save us all... " muttered the first one with an unquestionably sincere tone. Would love to see if the G20 are half as genuine as this seven year old in their concerns for a greener planet and if we can talk less and do more about recycling..
"I wish aunty stays here forever.." - the four year old, with eyes tight shut and clutching the fragile flower as hard as he could. Not hard to imagine I stopped in my tracks(again..). As the children opened their eyes and blew their respective flowers, I dropped on my knees with very moist eyes and hugged them both hard for reviving my trust in this world.

The few unadulterated emotions that are still around in this world are from the young and innocent I s'pose ! Of course, it's also not difficult to see why parenthood is a huge responsibility which should be taken up by only those who can live up to it, like me friends just proved they had !!

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